Simon’s Cycle Shorts are now available to buy in both paperback (£8.39) and Kindle (£2.99) editions from Amazon. HERE


Ride the urban maze?

Commute angry city roads?

Cyclists, just don’t doze!


Cars can’t hurt cyclists

Cars cannot crash alone, but

Drivers phones persist.


Leave the towns to ride

Cross the counties far and wide

See it! – here’s a guide


Surrey’s golden falls

Guttered leaves rustle ‘neath

Sunday cycling tours


Hampshire’s hedged lanes hide

Secret by-ways, rambling hills

All terrains to ride.


Shropshire’s tarmac hosts

Whole day time trials; steely men

Vie to mile the most


Lancs men of the mills

Racing to top o’ th’ fields

First up wins the spills


Check out Cromer’s pier

Meet wind and waves; turn home

Coast long roads, big gear.


Kent’s green garden cloaks

Bluebell woods long back-road runs

Fresh air, wind in spokes


Wales’ highest spike

Pen-y-Pass tests man and bike

Best to ride not hike


Night ride on Dartmoor

Glimpse the deer, see the light at

Sun rise, Staple Tor


Oxford’s roads crumbling

Bike lanes patchy, breached and holed

Steer clear a tumbling!


Blue Boris cycle

Slowly gaining affection

Ride’s quite delightful


Lincolns pancake flat

Ride all day, ne’er change gear, but

Watch for imps ‘n’ that


Yorks is hard, no doubt

Mind tough ‘ills that stop at nowt,

Needs legs strong and stout


Jurassic coast trip

Big fossil cliffs, blue sea view

Dorset’s tourist strip


Avebury stands alone

Wiltshire’s wheel-like rings atone

Ride me to the stones?


Silver stones on road

In Northants, famous for speed,

Legend Sheene n’er slowed


Cavendish so fast

Wins stages off the front, but

Manxman oft downcast


Brad’s the peoples man

Britain’s modist tour de force

Track star, ‘lympian!


Site of GB Golds

London’s Velopark lavished

Battling cyclists goals


Builders want to buy

Herne Hills outdoor cycling track

Legends won’t be back…


Cambridge bikes are slow

Book-laden beasts of burden

Blues blades win rows, though


Take the Highlands roads

See trees, Lochs Fyne and Ness

Landscapes that impress


Ride round your Britain

Remember what you see, cos

Times are a changin’


Simon’s Cycle Shorts are now available to buy in both paperback (£8.39) and Kindle (£2.99) versions from Amazon. HERE