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Urban Cycles

Love in Waiting

Two Bromptons, similarly undignified, sat folded on Platform 2 – strike-bound victims making friends as their respective owners made civil conversation in the warmth of the waiting room.  READ MORE

Fixed For Christmas

I’ve just been through the hardest two months of my life. It all started when he decided that more money was needed for Christmas and so took a job in Central London. Now, you might think that this would seem like a sensible idea for a young man in his final year of university who is up to his overdraft limit; until you realise that the job entailed him riding me around the streets of the busy roads of the capital for ten hours a day – which wasn’t so sensible. Yes, he thought it was a cool to be a cycle courier; he’d learn the streets of London on a bike and get paid for it!  READ MORE

The Chain Gang – a letter

Dear Cyclist

We are the Chain Gang. We might not be an officially recognised organisation or a nefarious underground crew of miscreants doing bad deeds in your ‘hood, but we do represent a very powerful forward-looking movement with a very important message for everyone that rides a bike. READ MORE

Hot Ride

I never quite knew whether I was better off being owned or stolen, but having been in both camps I think I’m now entitled to have an opinion. Being owned by James had its positives; complete adoration from a weak-kneed banker, dry rides only, plenty of time indoors hung on the wall as a work of art for dinner party debate, and even the occasional overseas trip. But the downsides probably outweighed them; READ MORE

Ball of Fire

Every weekday morning at around seven thirty, me and ‘Ash the Angry’ (as I nick-named him) embarked on a very special race. One in which we were the only competitor. We raced time and the little numbers on the computer –    READ MORE

Village Bike

Wow, he was a bit of a rough one! It’s a good job they’re not all like that or I wouldn’t have lasted a week. The ‘he’ in question picked me up outside the station at around 3pm this afternoon and without so much as a single word, checked me out for size, gave my saddle a squeeze and then took me to a house up Duke Street; READ MORE

Spin Cycle

Our days are long and the classes repetitive and boring. Apparently, I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones because I’m sat in the front row which means that I get used in more sessions than the others. But it actually means that I get the really keen customers; the ones who want to impress the trainer? The ones that try harder and sweat more? You know the type. READ MORE

Lily of the Valley

We’d always lived along the river bank. George liked it there because it was a peaceful and calm place. We’d been wandering up and down the banks of the River Lea for around ten years together and it felt like it was our home.


Tricycle Trial

“Shhh…we’re going to see Nan.” Ever so quietly, little Sam reached up to the front door on his tip toes and undid the latch. There was a loud click as the door sprung open. He turned, put his finger to his lips and looked straight at me.


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