Simon's Shorts

Short Notes to Pass the Time


Recycling History

Taken for a Ride

I might look like a tired old replica of Bernard Hinault’s 1985 Tour de France winning bike, but there is more to me than meets the eye. READ MORE


The Parish Counsellor

Erwin Rademaker told everyone he was a Dutchman but, within a few months of him arriving in the village, I realised that this, among other things, wasn’t true. READ MORE

The War to End All Rides

We have been waiting for Charles to come home. Four years I have stood against these stairs; the occasional waft of Ariel’s duster my only physical contact with anyone.    READ MORE

El Aurens

“Chaps, I have something tell you. If you could gather round it would be perfect – but as you clearly can’t, then I suppose I will just have to speak up a bit.” We were all alone in the darkness so it seemed a good time to tell them. “I’m going to be leaving you all tomorrow.” READ MORE

Missoula Mission

“Hey buddy, you boys been far?”

“Yeah…a long way fella. Longer than any of us thought possible. We just been ridden all the way from Fort Missoula, Montana.” READ MORE

Double Dutch

We have lived with the Norton family for a very long time; none of them really knew how  we arrived until recently, and the truth came as far more than just a simple surprise.


Of Many Links Without a Break

“A fine day for a bicycle ride sir.” The friendly tone didn’t appear to make Edward want to talk.

Edward had stopped at one of our favourite spots on the Wyche Road; we were half way round one of our regular rides. The Malvern Hills provided a spectacular back-drop to our rides and were in permanent view from his beloved Birchwood Lodge where he and his wife Alice stayed from time to time.


Blowing the lid off

The story of Dmitry and I in the forest ended, as it had begun, with a man stopping for a pee behind a tree.


Marching in Tandem

Versailles Palace

Monday, March 31st 1919

“Monsieur President, sir, would you like to go for a ride with one of our girls?” The question being asked of Monsieur Woodrow Wilson did sound a little incongruous and, as he looked over at our little group, his face suggested he thought so too.


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