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Who am I? Originally from Portsmouth, apart from writing, I spend an inordinate amount of time on a bicycle...I have a few. The stories on Simon's Cycle Shorts are, without exception, taken from the perspective of the bicycle; they do have a voice you know, and some of them have been around for a long time and have seen some exceptional happenings. So, with more than a passing interest in history and a lifelong addiction to two-wheeled transportation, my Cycle Shorts were written.

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Amazing Review!

I have just received the following review from a US book reviewer which is very complimentary!

‘Simon’s Cycle Shorts is a unique, intriguing and incredibly addictive book that took me on a fantastic ride thanks to the host of brilliant short stories laced throughout this magnificent book.’

To read the full review see HERE


New cover – Eye of the Needle

After 7 years of Kindle continuous sales for my first novel – Eye of the Needle – I now have a great new cover design for the paperback edition which will be available this week!


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New Novel

I’m writing a new novel. It’s very different to anything I have written before and is taking some time. I clearly can’t tell you what happens but I’d like to put out the first chapter to see what people think…is that such a good idea?

All I can say is that it has been inspired by my collection of old postcards (misspent youth). The story spans over hundred years and it begins with the discovery of an unopened letter. HERE


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New Review for Simon’s Cycle Shorts!

I’ve just received this lovely review from sports book reviewer Lance in New York – HERE

‘This was a review request I received from the author which was a little different than most.  First off, this wasn’t a true “sports” book in the sense that it covered more than just cycling or racing – it covered a wide range of topics.  Second, it is a collection of essays and stories – something that I rarely received requests to review.  Third – it was a fun book to read and I am glad the author found my site so that he could send the book.  Here is my review of “Simon’s Cycling Shorts”


One of the more popular clichés to use when something sounds interesting is that someone wishes that he or she could be a fly on the wall. This collection of short stories and essays told from the viewpoint of a cycle is a variation on that thought in that the bike, in whatever way, was privy to some information and situations that in which more information would be sought by a curious person.


For example, one story told by a bike is about a prominent man who appears to be having an affair with a young woman. The dialogue between the two bikes, since both people are riding them to this rendezvous, is revealing and hilarious at the same time. There are also many stories based on real events such as the Tour de France and the Treaty of Versailles.
As with any collection of stories or essays, there is a mixture of good ones, great ones and ones that a reader may not like or are indifferent toward them. For me, most of these were fun to read (my personal favorite was about a spin class told from the bikes’ point of view) and some were just okay. But many more were of the former than the latter that any reader who is in the mood for a light, quick read will enjoy this book.
I wish to thank Mr. Bever for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.’


Thank you Lance!

Meet you at Waterloo

“Why don’t we meet on the Bridge as 6.30?” It was a odd request; why did she want to meet there? Why not meet at the theatre? “Then I’ll be able to find you easily – tell me where you’ll be standing.” Brendan didn’t even know where she lived or whether she even lived in London; in fact, he realised he knew very little about this girl he was going to be meet; he didn’t even know how she looked.


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Published on Amazon!

Simon’s Cycle Shorts are now available to buy in both paperback (£8.39) and Kindle (£2.99) versions from Amazon. HERE


Coming soon!

One week to go before publication! On the 23rd of April Simon’s Cycle Shorts will be available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

29 short stories told by bicycles from 1899 to today – Simon’s Cycle Shorts is a fascinating compendium of cycling tales as told by bicycles and gives their eyewitness perspectives on events in history and everyday life.

All the bicycles in Simon’s Cycle Shorts have a story to tell whether they be ridden by spies, lovers, composers or professional riders. Did those politicians really meet on that day? Who was responsible for the crash, began the affair, won the race? What great moments in history occurred as the direct result of a simple bike ride?

Enjoy the ride!

If you know a ‘hard to buy a gift for’ cyclist or someone who might like little glimpses in history from the eyes of the bicycle, then go on, get them a copy!


24 Hours

In the darkness he can just make out his forearms; flat, bare and relaxed on the bars and glistening with sweat; a powerful white light spears through the cables from beneath spreading its lumens across the smooth Shropshire tarmac; 14 hours in and 10 more to go. READ MORE

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