Simon’s Cycle Shorts are now available to buy in both paperback (£8.39) and Kindle (£2.99) editions from Amazon. HERE


Simon Bever – Author

The idea behind Simon’s Cycle Shorts was to provide somewhere safe to put my short stories and for people who were interested, to read them. So here they are – they will be added to frequently as there are plenty more of them.

Who am I?  Originally from Portsmouth, I am now joint-owner of an online cycle retailer ( and, apart from writing, I spend an inordinate amount of time on a bicycle…I have a few.

For over a century the humble bicycle has populated the world at a rate more rapidly than almost any other technological advance. From the poorest to richest nations, the bicycle is the product of mans ingenuity that will always be seen. The humble chain driven bicycle that has barely evolved since those remarkable days towards the end of the late nineteenth century when it appeared, has seen all the other great inventions come and many of them go…but it is still here.

The great survivor has seen through revolution, war, famine and floods. So what if it could speak? What would it say about us? What would it say during the moments when we think we all alone with our bicycle?

This collection of short stories gives the reader an insight into what just might be the thoughts of our most enduring invention. There are imagined moments from history, accounts of amazing feats by riders and tender moments between man and machine.

I hope you like them.



Simon’s Cycle Shorts are now available to buy in both paperback (£8.39) and Kindle (£2.99) versions from Amazon. HERE