I’ve just received this lovely review from sports book reviewer Lance in New York – HERE

‘This was a review request I received from the author which was a little different than most.  First off, this wasn’t a true “sports” book in the sense that it covered more than just cycling or racing – it covered a wide range of topics.  Second, it is a collection of essays and stories – something that I rarely received requests to review.  Third – it was a fun book to read and I am glad the author found my site so that he could send the book.  Here is my review of “Simon’s Cycling Shorts”


One of the more popular clichés to use when something sounds interesting is that someone wishes that he or she could be a fly on the wall. This collection of short stories and essays told from the viewpoint of a cycle is a variation on that thought in that the bike, in whatever way, was privy to some information and situations that in which more information would be sought by a curious person.


For example, one story told by a bike is about a prominent man who appears to be having an affair with a young woman. The dialogue between the two bikes, since both people are riding them to this rendezvous, is revealing and hilarious at the same time. There are also many stories based on real events such as the Tour de France and the Treaty of Versailles.
As with any collection of stories or essays, there is a mixture of good ones, great ones and ones that a reader may not like or are indifferent toward them. For me, most of these were fun to read (my personal favorite was about a spin class told from the bikes’ point of view) and some were just okay. But many more were of the former than the latter that any reader who is in the mood for a light, quick read will enjoy this book.
I wish to thank Mr. Bever for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.’


Thank you Lance!