One week to go before publication! On the 23rd of April Simon’s Cycle Shorts will be available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon.

29 short stories told by bicycles from 1899 to today – Simon’s Cycle Shorts is a fascinating compendium of cycling tales as told by bicycles and gives their eyewitness perspectives on events in history and everyday life.

All the bicycles in Simon’s Cycle Shorts have a story to tell whether they be ridden by spies, lovers, composers or professional riders. Did those politicians really meet on that day? Who was responsible for the crash, began the affair, won the race? What great moments in history occurred as the direct result of a simple bike ride?

Enjoy the ride!

If you know a ‘hard to buy a gift for’ cyclist or someone who might like little glimpses in history from the eyes of the bicycle, then go on, get them a copy!